~June Ellen Child~
~The Cosmic Lady~

Charlotte Martin on June

"She was a lovely lady, when she was still dating Mick Milligan and I was with Eric at the time... She was really friendly and fun to be with."

Marc on June in Star magazine

"She's fun to be with. Never pessimistic. She has a lot of style, seeing how she's skinny and has a great way with clothes. She's very smart, does my bussiness for me, and can change strings on the guitar in two seconds flat. She knows how to live life to the fullest on every level, including dinning with elegance. We love indian food you know, chutney and curry and the like. We're both vegetarians. Whether June is in jeans or in satins, she's always very together. She has great respect for herself so she has the ability to love other people too. We discuss politics and movies and my career and anything. We're very upfront and honest and we both enjoy a good laugh. And, besides all that, we're crazy about eachother!"

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June on Marc learning to go water-skiing

"Marc wanted me to go water-skiing, but I didn’t swim in those days. Neither did Marc, only I didn’t know that, and although he hated sport of any description, I believed him when he said he could. So I said I’d go water-skiing if he went as well, and very bravely, he said okay.

So this beautiful six foot five ‘spade’ - wonderful man, one of the Olympic team - he has a go at teaching Marc. Next thing he knows, Marc is up to his neck in water with the skis up in the air. He tried and tried but after about half an hour or having his arms pulled out of their sockets and just getting his bottom wet, he gave up.

He tried, his hands all aching, but do you think he could stand up on those skis? No way. But he was so humiliated; I mean, he always had to succeed and to be beaten by two lumps of wood and a speedboat was more than he could take. He stormed out of the water and said: “You go and bloody do it. It’s a stupid sport. Who wants to stand up on two planks of wood? I hope you realize I’ll probably never be able to play the guitar again. Look at my hands. Ruined!” In actual fact, there wasn’t a mark on them. But all afternoon he sat on the beach holding his hands up to the sun in the hope they would heal."

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June on an earthquake in Japan

"One time we were in Japan, in Tokyo. It was an enormous gig and neither of us had ever experienced anything like an earthquake before. We went to the Budokan, which is the big gig in Tokyo and we were just backstage preparing to go on. We'd been there for a couple of hours doing sound checks. We were in the dressing room with friends and hangers on when suddenly the lights st
ared to swing.

I looked at Alphi (O'Leary) who was Marc's minder - both of our minder - I said, 'Alph, what is it?'. He said, 'It's a bloody earthquake'. I said, 'Don't be so stupid. What do you mean, an earthquake?' He said, ' This is Japan, they have them all the time.' Well I didn't know and as soon as Marc heard 'earthquake', the whole building moved. It's giving me goosebumps just thinking about it. We all layed on the floor completely flat and they were like two minutes to going on. There was this rumble, you could feel it coming up through the floor and it trembled all through your body, and lights were swinging, the chairs started to slide and then it suddenly passed and the lights stopped swinging and went straight, then Alphi got up and said, 'Right, you're on'. Well Marc's sets usually lasted an hour and a half, they got through it in 45 minutes.

No chat in between, just from one song into the other and they were back in the dressing room in 45 minutes. Then Marc looked at Alphi and said, 'Get us home'. Home then was the Tokyo Hilton hotel and we were on the 10th floor and I said, 'Marc, I don't want to go up there it might fall down'. So we spent the night on the ground floor just in case! Japanese people are used to it. I saw a programme on television recently about earthquakes in Japan and they have 68 or 69 a year, 5 of which are devastational, they lose buildings and people and the rest are tremours. But if you've never felt a tremour it feels like the world's ending because you have no experience of it."
June Feld 1992

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