~June Ellen Child~
~The Cosmic Lady~

June's friendship with Cynthia McRadu

June and I got along so well, we felt like we knew each other from some distant time. June was great to be with.

Her fave food was Indian, she was vegetarian like me, so when she was in town (Hollywood), we often would go shopping. June loved the "Five and Dimes", we bought Marc purple underwear there and then I would take her to the head or hippy shops where we would often end up picking out the same items.

There was this one place that had original local art and craft work. There were these candles June and I refered to them as Tolkien candles as the way they were shaped, they remind us of The Hobbit and a good acid trip. Amazingly I still have my candle on the shelf in my living room, along with the huge basket of flowers Marc gave me.

In 1971 after June and I made some shopping we always went to my fave restaurant (and June's too), that was the Hare Krishna in LA near the Farmers Market Square. We would have such a laugh and well,  Marc prefered to drink champagne and June loved coke and whiskey. I always brought June and Marc pomegranates and pine nuts whenever they came. I miss her and Marc so much.

When Marc changed and his ego was bigger than his brightness I was very sad. Marc stopped being June's husband and Gloria became his bedmate, it really sadden me because June was perfect for Marc, she was his inspiration and power behind him, she kept him in the magical world of which he sang.

Marc started a new life with Gloria, which was a bad choice, I left LA and went back to London where I would begin a new life for me. June lived in Chelsea and had a very pretty flat and was a very generous lady and friend. We would eat in Soho at the Indian restaurants.

June was the most beautiful soul I really cared about, and of course Marc was like a cosmic twin to me.

I of course would have been his sweetheart in a breath of a heartbeat... but he was June's husband and I had so much RESPECT and LOVE for them. I wouldn't have ever dreamed of doing such a thing and I was deeply hurt when Marc betrayed June. I never thought Marc would commit adultery, and his choice cost him his life and a falling career.

I had made Marc and June rag dolls for them all with the hippy flow and sparkly dress. June didn't come out on this tour (1973 US) so I gave them to Marc and we had a pleasant time except when Gloria was around, she was always rude and interrupting.

Later I was informed by my dear friend Alphi [O'Leari], that Gloria said they were woodoo dolls and had Marc thrown them away.

When I was back in London at June's home I informed her about the dolls and what Alphi told me, she was very upset by this as it was not Gloria's choice to have something - a gift that did not belong to her - thrown away. This still saddens me as it was the beggining of an end.

Gloria started dictating more of Marc's actions, soon Alphi was dismissed, then Bill [Legend] couldn't take it any more. Bill was a very good man, he had a loving wife and children, and groupies were coming on to him, it was too much, he was a married man. And the wind of change was blowing in the wrong direction.

At the end of 1974 I met my husband, we married 3 days after we met, both knowing we were meant to be together. I said goodbye to Marc for as long as Gloria was around, he was not the man or friend I knew.

Rick and I started our family in 1979. Sadly in 1994 cancer took him from me. June passed not long after, and we already lost Steve [Currie]. I lost Alphi in 2002. Life is strange, sadly it isn't going to be the same.

But the good news are we all agreed to meet up in heaven, and we will.

Peace to you, love Cynthia xoxo

Rock on.


Ps: my favourite piece of clothing that June wore was specially made, it was a short cloak of swan feathers and she's wearing it in the picture of us. I had more photos of us togheter but for some reason Richard Creamer, who took all of them, would not give me any copies, and that always made me peeved. Now he's also dead and someone bought all his collection. I wish I knew who, so maybe I could buy them back.

*Very special thanks to Cynthia McRadu Pointdexter for sharing her lovely memories with us*